Dear White Nationalists: If You Had Any Balls…  

hate-crimeMemorandum to White Nationalists Everywhere: The non-whites have noticed an uptick in graffiti and vandalism that seems aimed to intimidate us. Guess what? It’s not working. When I see that someone spray-painted swastikas on the doors of a synagogue, I first think, “Oh, it’s probably just some kids out making trouble.” Then I think, you know, I really hope it was kids, because if this what an adult does for his political movement, that’s pretty pathetic.

Look, if you want anyone to take you seriously, grow some balls. Do you think we’re scared of spray paint? Every non-white person in this country comes from centuries of oppression that you could never imagine. You think you have things bad in America, where somehow the government – in your view – has betrayed you by having the temerity to grant equal rights to non-white people? Get a life. My ancestors put up with institutionalized hatred, discriminatory laws and deadly violence for 1800 years before they came to the US. A little paint on the wall doesn’t even register on our radar screens.

But you’re afraid of doing more, aren’t you? That would take some guts – to come out and say in public that you don’t want Jews like me in America. What are you afraid of? You’re actually politically correct, don’t you see? You’re censoring yourself out of fear. What a pussy you are… afraid someone’s going to hurt your feelings if you say what’s really on your mind?

If you’re a pussy, do what pussies do. Go back and hide under your little rock. Get drunk and complain about the kikes, the niggers, the spics, the fags and the dykes – as if they, not you, were the real reason your life is such sad tale.

So, until you grow some balls, I guess we won’t be seeing you. But, if we do see you, you better be ready for a real fight.


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